Sunday, March 29, 2020

Coronavirus Days

Oh the joys of simple styrofoam airplanes!

On this beautiful spring Sunday afternoon, while we're all on quarantine (lock down, rest...or whatever you want to call it because of the Coronavirus!) all the boys, little and big, were out in the yard enjoying sunshine.

But even more so... contests to see who could keep it up in the air the longest!

The funniest part was when the little boys went inside and the big boys continued! 😂

What better way to spend a quarantine Sunday than the simple joys of flying airplanes...and climbs up into the trees when they got stuck!

Yes, that is THE oddest ladder! We can't remember who made it or why it's behind the garden shed, but today it served Caleb well! 

The temperature started to drop in the afternoon, so coats went back on for a little bit more outside time.

But then, a warm inside was more inviting!

One of our favorite activities these days are huge cities built with blocks!

Claire enjoyed some rocking chair time with Jenna who just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Claire is cute too! 😊

After Tyler, Lara and boys headed back to Ostrava, Claire ended the day with me by helping on an organization project in the may not seem like a big deal, but changing our system for how to handle coats, shoes, scarves, grocery bags and masks is HUGE here!

You can't really see the extent of it to appreciate it with me!🤣

I was thankful for her initiative and help to get it done tonight.

We are all doing different kinds of things during this Coronavirus lockdown, quarantine, rest time...or whatever you'd like to call it! These are unusual days, but ones that we are trying to make the most of, while keeping our minds on the fact that "God sits enthroned over the flood..."...or the virus.

Praying you all are staying well during these days...and staying home!

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