Tuesday, March 31, 2020

His Lovingkindness

I'm finishing out the month of March with some sweet Jenna pictures, because she was definitely the best part of this crazy month!

Having an infant in the house is THE BEST reminder of resting in the Lord's care and love. Jenna knows nothing besides being loved and taken care of by her family. It wouldn't even occur to her that anything different would be possible!

I was reading Psalm 33 today and meditating on verses 4-5: "Your word, O Lord, is upright, and all your work is done in faithfulness. You love righteousness and justice; the earth is full of your lovingkindness."

Other versions say "unfailing love",  and "steadfast love" which all speak of the essence of God's love.

But in the midst of this world wide crisis, I like the word "lovingkindness". It speaks of a God who is kind in his love, even when to our eyes, we don't see the fullness of it, or understand it, given the circumstances around us.

Jenna gets it though!

Every look from her mommy, daddy, big brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents...is one of love.

We all love her just because she's Jenna! She just has to open her eyes and we all smile at her and speak loving words to her. Not because of anything she's done, but because of love that flows out of our hearts to her.

Imagine how much deeper, richer, wider, higher and more awesome is God's love for us?? It's something we spend a lifetime comprehending and receiving, if we will!

This evening Caleb and Haley blessed us with a take-out dinner from our local restaurant that has just started take-out, in the midst of all restaurants having been closed due to COVID-19.

This simple act of love was all the more meaningful because they said it was for our anniversary a few days ago!

We didn't deserve that; we didn't ask for it. But in God's lovingkindness, expressed through Caleb and Haley, we received it. And we were grateful!

During these strange times, I'm praying for myself and for those around me, that God's love would be so tangible. That I would literally feel my Father holding me, in the same way that Caleb holds his precious daughter.

And as I feel that love, that I'll joyfully receive it, and know I've done nothing to earn it or deserve it except to abide in Christ who made the way to the Father possible.

I pray you, my family and friends reading this, will also know this love that is freely given by your Father who is full of lovingkindness for YOU!

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