Monday, March 9, 2020

Evening in Poland

For Christmas, my long time dear friend, Laura, who lives in Poland, gave a gift to Amy and me - a girl's night out. We've patiently waited for two months and now that night has arrived!

We met up in Bielsko-Biała, Poland (about an hour from our house) for dinner, and then headed to our Christmas gift.

Laura bought tickets for us to see a production of "Swan Lake" done by the Russian Classical Ballet company!

Interesting fact...each of us had to have our temperatures taken before entering the hall to see the production tonight. This coronavirus is beginning to spread in our part of Europe so they're taking precautions to make sure large groups of people are not exposed.

Sadly for them, there were people turned away. But I did rest easier during the performance, knowing that the performance organizers was taking the virus seriously.

I'm so glad I'm feeling well and was able to be here tonight - what an exquisite ballet performance it was! I've only ever heard about this famous ballet, but have never seen it. There is something so mesmerizing about watching trained dancers give a can't fake this!

"Thank you Laura for the gift of a memorable evening together! So fun to share it here in Poland with you and Amy!"

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