Monday, March 16, 2020

Day One of Quarantine

Last night at midnight, the Czech government enacted a nationwide quarantine, barring the free movement of people until March 24, to try and stop COVID-19 from spreading.

I wrote yesterday about what this means practically, and experienced it today in one specific way.

Only two people at a time are allowed into pharmacies, and those waiting outside must keep a safe distance from each other (explained on the pink temporary signs).

Once inside, it's much more somber than usual. The pharmacists are wearing masks, and there is no chit-chatting. I picked up my prescription and was back out on the quiet street just minutes later.

I ran one more errand in town, to our small organic store where I was the only customer. Understandably, the clerk was not chatty in there either. This is the most serious I've ever seen people since I've lived here in twenty six years. There are few smiles, almost no eye connections, and no conversations.

I miss our lively little town.

We are stocked up for a number of days now, so I won't be going out again, even though I'm technically allowed to for groceries when needed.

The seriousness of this virus is sobering; as of today, we are limiting our face to face time with only our family, and I'll keep my distance if/when I need to go out.

**If you want to keep up on the quarantine news for the Czech Republic, you can find it HERE.

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