Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Mother and Daughters

Claire and I boarded a train this afternoon, bound for Prague.

Hints of spring passed by us as we traveled along through the Czech countryside.

And blue sky in Prague greeted us as we rolled into the train station.

Also with us on this trip is Pavla, Claire's flatmate at their shared apartment in Čeladná near Frydlant. We have known Pavla since before Claire was even born! She was a one year old when we moved to the city of Havířov in 1993 and began going to the church where she and her parents attended! It's so precious to see the friendship between them that has spanned 25 years now.

Several months ago Claire found out about a concert happening in Prague, and asked if I'd like to go with her and some friends. I didn't have to think, at all, about what answer to give...of course it was YES!

Our friend Shelby, who serves with us in JV and lives in Ostrava, met us in Prague as she'd come earlier in the day.

Once we got all dressed up we headed to the concert hall!

The concert was the Obecní dům (municipal house) of Prague, a beautiful Art Nouveau building, built on property where the King of Bohemia lived in the 15th century! This building was constructed at the turn of the 20th century, in 1905.

It's pretty spectacular and we were all so excited to go in and enjoy an evening with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

The hall is absolutely exquisite! I have walked by here no less than five hundred times over all these years of visiting Prague - I can't believe today was the first time ever that I've been inside!

The concert was from a mixture of composers, but centered around the theme of "water".

And I can honestly say, every moment of the concert was bliss! I closed my eyes so many times, letting the beautiful sounds of the orchestra wash over me, as if I was in heaven with the Lord - it's how I imagine it might be there!

Shelby is a trained and gifted pianist, with a wide knowledge of everything to do with music! We loved getting her thoughts and tidbits of information about the composers and their pieces.

Afterward, the streets of Prague were quiet while we wandered through them on our way back to the hotel.

I first took that picture of the girls, and then we walked a few more steps and I couldn't resist another one of them in front of the Old Town Hall!

Even though we all know Prague, it was still one of those "Are we really here together?" moments!

We walked into Old Town Square, where Týnský chrám (Tyn chapel) looked as beautiful as ever.

And Claire looks darling in front of it!

And then discovered a new Starbucks right on the old town square, that was still open at 10 PM!

A little tea, some cake and happy conversation happened before having to leave at closing time.

What a sweet evening to share with these dear ladies - a sort of "mother and daughters" kind of evening with precious ones I love!

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