Sunday, March 8, 2020

'U nás'

The term "U nás" is a Czech phrase I love, but it doesn't have a great translation in English.

It literally means 'at us'...but we don't say that in English!

What I wanted to communicate is "here's what's happening 'at us' today" since these are just the sweetest times with Caleb, Haley and their two precious children living with us after Jenna's birth.

Coming down to breakfast to these darling faces is THE BEST way to start a day!

There are a lot of tender words and touches that take place from morning to night, including Charlie with Jenna. He truly has fallen in love with her and is quite attentive to her.

Of course there's a lot of playing that goes on in our house too - glad I've been slowly collecting toys through the years for our grandkids to use for creative playtime!

Also taking place "at us" today is Caleb and Haley packing up for a trip to Prague. They need to apply for Jenna's American passport and birth certificate, and that can only be done at a US embassy. So they'll make the drive there today, spend the night, and have their appointment tomorrow.

Charlie is ready for a Patty family adventure!

I'm praying all goes well for them in Prague, particularly as it relates to the coronavirus which is now present in our country, and particularly in Prague. They have lots of hand sanitizer and will take every precaution they can as they make their way there for this necessary trip.

I'll be glad to have them back "U nás" tomorrow evening!

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