Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Life by Zoom

Given that no gatherings of people can take place right now, we're all living on Zoom for our meetings these days

Today the JV iTeam, who normally meets in our offices in Frydlant, went online to Zoom for our weekly meeting. While I "zoomed" into the meeting from upstairs in our room, Dave taught today from his office downstairs.

Taken from Jesus' farewell words to his disciples in John 14, Dave shared lessons to help us as look at three waves of crisis the disciples dealt with, three ways they were unexpectedly impacted, and how training our sensitivity to the Spirit can help us respond to this singularity, the Coronavirus, that we are currently dealing with today.

His teaching was actually recorded and has been put onto Vimeo if you're interested in listening. Keep in mind it's not a high quality recording, and it was given without the expectation of it being shared. But because it's so practical and helpful, it was decided that it would be made public. Click HERE to listen to 21 minutes of teaching.

I went on to have another Zoom meeting about the Prayer Room, and had to laugh when the daughter of one of the guys in the meeting came in and just sat down with her dad!

This is current life, under quarantine, where school has been cancelled indefinitely, kids are home and parents are making the best of the situation!

It helped to step outside this afternoon, after hours in meetings, and just soak in the fresh air.

And enjoy a moment of Charlie's fun while in Papa's office with "Big Bear", who makes the rounds through our house thanks to Charlie!

We're all figuring out how to live well during these days of staying at home. I'm thankful for modern technology that keeps me connected to my teammates, and for family who are living with us right now because they can't go home to Albania!

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