Sunday, May 17, 2020

Wedding Shower by Zoom

As I shopped for groceries this afternoon, I saw a pretty bouquet and decided to get honor of an event happening today!

This evening, Claire and I "went" to a wedding, of course.

This shower is for our dear friend, Hannah Ellenwood, and her fiancĂ©, Joseph, who are in California.

The shower was attended by women from literally around the world, all connected in some way through the JV family.

Hannah grew up in Czech, the daughter of Mel and Amy who serve with us. I have known her since she was a little girl, and love her as if she was my biological niece (she still calls me Aunt Connie if that tells you anything!).

It was one of the most special showers I've ever been to, as Amy simply asked each of us to share words of love, encouragement and wisdom with Hannah and Joey after they'd shared their love story with us.

Two hours later, after many tears of hearing these godly women share so lovingly and wisely with them, it was really hard to say goodbye to everyone. There is no way we will ever all be in the same place again at the same time...except in heaven!

But how special to come together on Hannah and Joey's behalf, celebrating the coming together of their lives!

Like many brides and grooms, Hannah and Joey aren't sure what their wedding in June will look like. But I am stunned at their maturity and how they're handling such an unforeseen difficulty. They're already off to a great start of trusting God in a uniquely deep way, as they wait to see how, when and where they will be married.

We love you so much Hannah and Joey and wish like anything we could be with you on your wedding day! But it was beautiful to spend that time with you, and we know for sure that God has His arms wrapped around you, and a very good plan for your wedding, marriage and lives! 

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