Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Evening Visit

My phone rang around 7 PM, with a voice on the other end saying, "We're at the end of your road - can we stop by for a visit?"


Caleb and Haley, our son and daughter in law, came from Albania in December to await the birth of their daughter in February. Just before her passport arrived to allow them to return, coronavirus closed all the borders across Europe. They have been here ever since.

They lived with us until a few weeks ago when they were able to move down into a friend's open apartment in Frydlant, a ten minute bike ride away. It's been so fun to have Caleb stop by for visits at random times!

And especially fun when Charlie is with him! In the glow of the setting sun, he wanted to take a few rides down the sidewalk on the little push bike, before having to put his jacket back on and head for home...or the "new 'partment" as he calls it!

It's God's grace that has given us these weeks together, doing normal life with each other. I've loved and cherished every bit!

It looks like European borders are beginning to ease and allow passage, albeit with some restrictions. So they are prayerfully planning to leave next week to head home to Albania. Which makes an evening visit like this, all the more precious!

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