Sunday, May 10, 2020

Two Precious Moms

Some would say that these three made me a mom.

And that would sure be one way of looking at it on this Mother's Day, which is my 30th that I've been blessed to celebrate.

But there are two other moms I celebrate today, who also made me a mom!

I was born to my mom, Linda France (and of course, to my dad!) in Eugene, Oregon in 1961. Today is her 59th Mother's Day! She was, and still is, an absolutely amazing mom who has poured her life out to raising my brother and I, and continuing to care about and love us all these years. I'm a better mom because of my mom's sterling example!

Then there's another mom who is super important in my life!

Dave's mom birthed him the same year as me, but in Subic Bay, Philippines where they were serving as missionaries at the time. She too poured out her life for her family, and still does to this day! She has also been a sterling example for me to follow in my motherhood journey.

I am so grateful for my own three precious kids (can I still call them kids even though they're adults?!), and for the two moms who went before me and prepared the way so that when the day came in July 1990, I would be prepared to begin that journey with Tyler, and continue it on when Caleb and Claire came in the years after that.

My heart is so full of love today for my kids and my two moms!

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