Friday, May 8, 2020

Birch Tree Campground

Today is JV Spring conference...but it's not happening at Malenovice due to corornavirus. Instead, it's happening in and around the homes of JV staff across Central and Eastern Europe.

Or in the case of this JV family, out in the woods. 

These are not just any woods though!

These are the woods of the Patty "Birch Tree Campground", where Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher are having a sleepover tonight!

They brought their tent and gear to our house this afternoon, and got it all set up, as if they were just at any campground around Europe!

Except this campground happens to have a garden nearby that needs Tyler!

They brought everything they needed, as if they were on their own for the night, including the hammock for an afternoon rest!

This evening, they planned to watch the evening program of spring conference with Claire, who came over to join them and brought her fun to entertain the boys!

They cooked over a new fire pit that Tyler created for the "Birch Tree Campground".

And I had the fun of joining the little boys in the hammock while dishes were being done using the new faucet recently put in for the garden!

It's amazing how even camping outdoors here at our house, made everyone relax and slow down, enjoying the smallest things of life!

It was so fun to say goodnight to them, knowing they were safely tucked away in the local campground!

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