Thursday, May 14, 2020

App Progress

Today was yet another Zoom meeting in my office (also known as, my bedroom!).

But this one had an exciting twist to it!

This is the technical team who are working on the design of the JV Prayer Room app. And today the first visual graphic design was revealed for us to look at. In all reality, it probably will look vastly different when it's all done. But there is something about seeing that first view, with a color scheme and design element, that is super exciting! I'm very encouraged by the direction we're heading in.

When we designed the Prayer Room website back in 2016, I wasn't as involved in the day to day aspect of design. But this time, I'm project managing so I get to see it all as it unfolds!

I pray every day for this team, because they're carrying many other loads for JV, and yet are giving time, attention, heart and prayer to this project as well. Thank the Lord with me for Sam, Kyle, John and Dušan, and pray that God fills them with His heart and ideas as they create. Pray that in the end the app is not only beautiful and well functioning, but that it embodies God's heart for prayer, and draws many more in to stand with us for God's movement across Central and Eastern Europe.

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