Thursday, May 7, 2020

JV Spring '20

If we weren't in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, we would have been up at Malenovice today, getting started with the first full day of our JV Spring conference.

Instead, we're at home on a beautiful spring day.

Several weeks ago we realized that an "in person" conference with our JV staff was not going to be possible. So the leadership team went into pray and plan mode to listen for God's heart. He led us to plan a completely different kind of event, which is starting this evening.

To make it feel a little more festive, we ordered from a local restaurant which is doing take-out these days! And then at 6:30 this evening, we pulled out our computer and went online to get started.

The first half hour was what we called "Family Huddle". It was a half hour of content meant for the whole family, even the littlest ones! During it, families had sent in videos of what they'd done today in taking the day off with their families, or in small groups of JV people. Then I got to introduce the newest JV Kids. babies born since last year's conference. And at the end of the half hour, we recognized all those who are at significant milestones (5, 10 and 15 years) in their years of service with JV.

When that finished, families had an hour and a half before the next session for adults began.

Dave and I went outside to just enjoy the sunset, and took a picture looking up towards our conference center at Malenovice, just under Lysa Hora, the peak you see below.

It's so strange to be home instead of up there!

But we gathered back around the computer and tuned in for the evening program at 8:30, which Mel moderated.

Different ones around the team were asked to provide worship, so we started out with Lee Humerian and Christy Owen who serve on our team in Ukraine.

And then moved on to Tyler and Caleb, who had pre-recorded here at our house a week ago!

And in fact, almost everything was prerecorded, which we hoped meant for a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone watching!

After one more set of worship by a team in Poland, then it was time for Dave's teaching.

What a crazy reality, to be sitting in our living room for JV spring conference, with Dave teaching AND sitting there for it!

But you know, you can adjust to anything! And it was honestly a really meaningful evening. I felt connected to our team this evening, and have great anticipation for our full day tomorrow of experiencing a JV spring conference in a different sort of way!

If you're interested in any part of the conference, you can find it all on our JV Spring website!

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