Sunday, May 24, 2020

Enjoying Jenna

Our dear granddaughter, Jenna, continues to grow and develop in the sweetest way!

When Caleb and Haley made the decision to come to Czech for her birth, we thought they would only stay for a few weeks after she arrived in February.

But God had different plans! Before her US passport arrived, the borders locked down and we went into quarantine because of the worldwide pandemic.

Little did we know how long it would last, and that we would get to see Jenna grow in her first three months of life.

During this stressful time in the world, life has been peaceful according to Jenna! She is a good eater and sleeper, is not fussy other than when she can't get a burp out or is hungry! Otherwise, she has just been a darling baby, enjoyed and loved by all.

With our other three grandsons, I only saw them for a few days in their first three months of life. So it's been extra special to see so much of Jenna as an infant.

My favorite moments have been in this chair, holding her while she sleeps. So I'm soaking in one more time of that before she and her family leave in the morning.

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