Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Search Continues

We didn't expect to still have Caleb, Haley, Charlie and Jenna with us today, as they had intended to leave for Albania yesterday, after having spent five months here with us - due to Jenna's birth, and the pandemic afterward that locked them in with us here in Czech.

But due to a missing wallet, they are still here so we're doing what we do...making music! Figuratively and literally.

Playing the piano is in Charlie's genes. With both sets of his grandparents able to play (Mark and Amy, Dave and I), as well as his mom (and his dad is musical too on guitar!), it seems he's destined to play at least some instrument!

While he's been living here, he's sat down many a day to "play" and actually really does seem to have the touch and gift for it.

Today he kept wanting me to put different music in front of him as he'd finish each piece. No playing two songs out of the same book! I have some cute video of his compositions, that I'll keep just in case he does turn out to be a pianist someday. He might want to "rework" them later on!

While he's got musical genes, he's also got his dad's "adventuring" genes as well. So off we went upstairs, with him climbing the steep part by himself!

I bought this slide for the kids during this season of lockdown so there would be something they could do physically over and over again if we had inside days, which we did. It's been a lifesaver!

The kids love sliding down into the ball pit...or sending other things down, like the blue bear. This purchase turned out to be a very versatile play tool for them!

A year ago I was given a doll house by friends who moved back to the States, and that's also been a hit as I've filled it with my kids' stuffed animals from their childhood, along with a few other animals that make story telling come alive.

We've spent hours up here, lining up animals, naming them, and talking to, and about, them! I want to encourage their imaginations.

As the day was going along, the hunt for the wallet continued as well. I took a break for a few hours and helped Caleb take out over bag and suitcase from his car and trailer, searching through them piece by piece. But to no avail. It wasn't in there. So I went back to spending time with Charlie!

Caleb went into Ostrava to look through the camping things that Tyler had at our house over the week-end, but that too produced nothing. But at least the search was narrowing down. We knew where the wallet WASN'T!

In the middle of the afternoon, our electricity went off so we had no way of cooking dinner. I called Claire and asked if she'd be willing to pick up food for us at our local restaurant that has been doing take-out during quarantine. She said, "Sure" and headed out to go pick it up.

What happened next is the miracle we were praying for!

When she went to get in her car, she opened the door behind her driver's seat to set something in there. She saw her opened up hammock on the floor, that had been there for a couple of weeks after she'd had it over at our house. She'd just never put it back into its bag. But thinking to herself, "I know I already looked for the wallet there, but I'll just look again."

And this time, underneath all the folds of the hammock, laying on the car mat, was Caleb's wallet. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

How had it gotten there?? An angel??

Caleb had been in Claire's car for a very short trip on Sunday afternoon. He doesn't remember grabbing his wallet, nor seeing it as he sat in the passenger's seat while they ran up to Malenovice. But perhaps he put it on the console between them, perhaps he knocked it off with his elbow, and perhaps it somehow managed to fall all the way through the folds of the fabric and onto the mat. It's hard to imagine how that happened.

What's also crazy is that Claire had searched her car and had never seen it the numerous times she's looked.

We'll never know the full story of how or why it got there. Just that it's clear God's hand was on it, and that He was in the delay!

Haley is giving Claire the BIGGEST hug after she'd revealed it to Caleb!

What an answer to prayer that was! Now he's got his driver's license and credit/debit cards and they can be on their way to Albania in the morning.

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