Monday, May 4, 2020

Experiencing COVID-19

Today is the beginning of our 8th week in quarantine lockdown here in the Czech Republic.

Of course we all know it's because of the coronavirus that we're in "stay at home" orders these days. But until today, that hasn't meant as much to me as it does right now.

I spent three hours on a video call today, with a childhood friend who is suffering deeply because of COVID-19.

I have only had a handful of messages back and forth with her through the years. But last week she contacted me and asked if we could talk. And told me that she's very ill.

After three hours of hearing her story, I am very sobered by the ravage of this disease on a person's body. And in her case, the lack of good medical care to help her through it, even though she lives in the U.S.. I'm sure there are fantastic doctors out there who ARE helping patients; she just hasn't gotten good care from the medical system she's in.

She is past the initial virus stage, but the virus has not left her. She is now classified as having Covid Disease, and is on Day 54 with it. It's bad.

I'm protecting her privacy, but just want to say...this is real. And it's happening to people around you, even if you don't know anyone personally. I've known a couple of people who have had very mild symptoms, but no one like this friend who is very seriously ill as the virus continues to ravage her body.

We had the most precious conversation today, talking about everything from how Jesus is with her, to how she's angry at people for not taking this virus seriously, but how it will transform us, one way or the other, as an entire people group across the world.

I love this friend and pray God will heal her to give her more time with her husband and three children, and pray God will open a way for her to make an impact on the world because of her experiences through this time.

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