Saturday, May 16, 2020

Morning with Charlie

Since the coronavirus lockdown began in March here in the Czech Republic, we have been able to spend every week-end with our kids and grandkids - Czech regulations allowed for families to be together during quarantine.

Each weekend has been unique, according to the needs of our family, the weather, and the strictness of quarantine rules. Up until this week-end, each one has been spent at our house.  But today we were able to change it up since regulations are relaxing.

Later in the day we met up with everyone; but this morning we had Charlie over for some Papa and Nonnie time!

I call Charlie the "Pickle Boy" because of all the snacks he could have at our house, this is the one he wants most often! I can't tell you how many jars of pickles we've gone through over the past months. Papa likes them too, so they took a snack break together mid-morning.

Because Charlie normally lives in Albania, we don't usually get these spur of the moment visits, to just hang out and play while his mom and dad run errands. It was such a blessing this morning!

But eventually it was time to get in the car to go meet up with everyone else for our family outing.

Claire joined us for the drive into Ostrava, and was kept entertained by Charlie as they rode in the backseat!

First stop, for the first time in over two months?

Yes, McDonalds! Restaurants have been able to open outdoor seating, or walk up service (as explained by the sign. I've never seen a McWalk before, have you?!). We opted for the drive through and had a McDonalds picnic out of the backend of the car!

Caleb, Haley and Jenna joined us there - I just forgot to get a picture of it! But I did catch this one, once we'd arrived at our next destination.

Caleb read to Charlie out of the back end of their car, while we waited in the parking lot for the Tyler, Lara and boys to arrive.

This post would be too long if I kept going on the rest of our day, so Part 2 of our Saturday outing is HERE!

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