Sunday, May 3, 2020

Filming for Leaders

This evening we were back up at Malenovice, our training center, so that Dave could do some more filming for another online event he's got coming up this month.

It's sure hard to make it look like you're smiling when you have to wear a mask!

It doesn't look like it, but it was already 7:30 PM when we arrived, as this taping is being done as an evening session, since that's where it sits in the program of the event.

The sunset up here tonight was one of those crazy gorgeous ones, where you just want to keep taking photos!

Inside, Honza from our Communications team, was hard at work getting things ready so that when the sun finally set, Dave could start filming.

It's amazing how time slows down when you're waiting for it to get dark!

But honestly, Dave and Honza were working the whole time to get it set up just right so they needed every minute until it was "go time".

I'd like to say I was there as the gaffer or the key grip (fun technical terms from film productions!).

But really what I did was move furniture and dishes out of the way so the "set" was just. There's got to be a good name for that, right?!

Dave did the filming for his talk in two takes, which is not bad!

The talk will air later this month for ELF, the European Leadership Forum which usually takes place in Wisla, Poland, but is now online, like everything else these days!

His talk is the final plenary session of the conference, which will reach several thousand leaders across this region. Once there's a link to it, I'll add it here!

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