Thursday, May 28, 2020

App Design in Progress

During these months of quarantine, we have all continued to do work and ministry remotely, using all sorts of methods for online communication. It's not the same as being in person, but it works.

And in some cases, it's the only method because we are separated by an ocean!

This is John, our lead graphic design artist on JV's C-team here in Czech.

He and his family went to the States for a brief trip in late February, and ended up getting stuck there because of the coronavirus. After much prayer, they decided to stay for six months, to take care of the Social Security requirement we have of spending six months out of Czech every nine years. So they are in the US until August.

But like everyone in JV who is working from home, he is too! And what he's working on is SO exciting to me!

After I did the initial work to design the wire frames (what information is on each page), it went to our app developer who programmed a working model. And now it's in John's hands for the artistry of how it will look!

I felt like crying when I saw his first designs today - they are so beautiful and fully reflect what I'd hoped the new Prayer Room app would look and feel like.

Of course we're a long ways from finished. I'm learning so much right now about app development and ALL it takes to make a vision become a reality. Next time you use an app...think for a second about how long it took a team of people to produce it!!

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