Monday, May 25, 2020

While We Search

While the search was on for a missing wallet, happy life continued on for Charlie today at our house in much the same way as it has over the past five months that they've been here.

 This unexpected delay made way for more of what he loves to do here!

While Caleb and Haley searched, along with Dave and Claire (and me too when I was free!) I took Charlie up to the play room.

This newly reclaimed room that used to be Tyler's, but was then just for storage over the past 8+years, has been such a hit with the kids!

There is much more space to romp and play up here than downstairs in the little play area behind our  couch. 

I now keep books up here which always leads to a good long time of reading to the boys, one of my favorite things to do.

I love that all our grandchildren love books!

Downstairs I could hear that Jenna was awake, so went down with Charlie and was able to capture a sweet photo of him with his sister.

She was so talkative and cheery, having no idea that plans for today had been put on hold for her family.

Dave and Caleb are downstairs, making alternative plans to figure out how they can be on their way back home to Albania. It will most likely be at least a few more days before they can go (in order to get his Czech driver's license reissued).

Unless the wallet appears! We're still praying for that miracle.

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