Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Face to Face

Our days are filled with lots of Zoom meetings, as I'm sure some of you are experiencing, as we continue our ministry online for the most part.

But one face to face meeting happens most every week.

Caleb and Haley are still here as they're not able to return to Albania yet due to borders being closed. So Caleb is taking advantage of this by getting in walks with Dave on mater what the weather is!

They took a 7 km walk today and were soaked, on the outside of their waterproof jackets, by the time they returned home! 😂 While that wouldn't be my idea of fun (a cup of tea in front a warm fire is more like my speed!), both of them thought it couldn't have been better.

These continue to be such unusual, but precious, days as we live during these uncertain times of the coronavirus. So many things have been vastly different over these months. Yet, God has been kind in giving these regular connections with our kids who normally live a long ways away.

We'll take face to face any time we get it!

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