Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Goodbye Dear Ones

The day has finally come. Caleb, Haley, Charlie and Jenna are heading back to Albania today. 

As you can imagine, a lot of emotion accompanies a day like today.

But how can I do anything but praise the Lord and give Him thanks for the gift of these past five months? Every day has been a gracious gift that we didn't deserve.

Today is Jenna's three month birthday! Imagine that...we have seen her day in and day out over these past three months. Such a gift!

Charlie wanted one last play time in the play area so of course I joined him there!

All too soon it was time for last I loved those little hands on my face!

The last bags were loaded in the car, coats put on, and then a final picture in our house.

Already I was feeling the tears behind my eyes, and wondering how I'd manage to hold it together so it didn't worry Charlie to see me cry.

We gave last hugs and kisses, and then waved goodbye to them.

And then the tears poured down my cheeks as they drove off down our lane.

They are mostly happy tears - how can I be sad when I was given such a gift?? And yet still...there is sadness in them leaving.

I went back inside and heated up the cold cup of coffee that Charlie had made for me, but that I hadn't had a chance to drink, and just sat in my chair and cried softly. How hard goodbyes are.

I knew it wouldn't be good if I sat there too long, so I got up and went to the play area to tidy it up when all of a sudden I saw a beloved item of Charlie's.

That Lightening McQueen car is his BUDDY!! I knew he would be really sad to not have it. So I called Caleb, hoping they were still in town (he'd had to stop at our town hall for one last errand), and they were!

I jumped into the car and raced down into town to deliver that beloved item!

One last "grace" from the Lord! Getting to see them one more time was just what my heart needed.

As I watched them drive away the final time, I was content and at peace.

All is well as I realized once again how God has overseen every single detail of these past five months they've lived here in Czech.

I can trust Him with all the days, months and years in the future!

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  1. Thank you so much for chronicling this journey Connie! What a blessing to see our precious loved ones in these pictures! God was definitely in the delay and is going before them now! Praying them safely on to Albania!