Saturday, May 2, 2020

Jenna's Smiles

Because Jenna, our newest grandchild, has some other adoring family and friends out there, I wanted to share her sweetness today! 

Could she be any cuter?! I know, I'm biased! But oh that smile and those crinkly, happy eyes!!

The growth of babies never ceases to astound me, from one week to the next, and sometimes even daily.

It's an extraordinary gift, getting to see Jenna so often in her first months, when normally she would have returned to Albania by now with her family.

Although restrictions due to the coronavirus are easing in Czech, no one knows when the borders will open making is possible for them to go home.

So until they do, I'm getting in every possible moment to hold, snuggle and love on this precious little girl!

"And Mimi (her other grandma), I'm giving Jenna an extra hug for you!!"


  1. Adorable! All Grandmothers should get a mandatory 3 months with their newborn grandchildren.

  2. Oh how I love every one of these pictures so much!!! Thank you for giving that precious little princess an extra squeeze from Mimi!