Monday, March 30, 2015

Coming in November

It's been all I could do to contain myself from writing this post since we first got the news a few weeks ago. I immediately wanted to shout it from the rooftops as it's truly the sweetest of news.

But of course it wasn't only my news to share.  The news first needed to come from the original source!

Which came out HERE a few days ago.

So now I can finally shout it out!

Our precious Tyler and Lara are expecting their first baby!

What an unexpected rush of emotions and joy swelled through my heart when they told us the amazingly good news. I had no idea I'd feel that strongly about news of a grandchild coming into our lives.

These two are going to be awesome parents!

Then again, it shouldn't have surprised me.

I truly loved, and still love, being a mom to my three (and now five!) kids, so the joy of becoming a grandma to their children is somehow twice as sweet! Oh what fun days are ahead with this new little one; I can seriously hardly wait!

Oh how I praise the Lord for the precious gift of new life coming to our family in early November.


  1. Huraaaa.... Simply amazing!!! I can follow with Maileg collection... Love Ingrid

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