Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adding a New Country

Standing in the Prague airport this morning, I'll admit I was a little giddy with excitement. Why?

Today is the day I got to fly to Riga, Latvia for the first time!

While we've had JV staff here for many years, it's the first time I've been able to come with Dave to visit them. This is a very special new season of life where I can travel with him more often!

We're specifically here for a youth conference that the Latvia team is leading this week-end, and that Dave is speaking at starting tomorrow evening. Pray for "Search and Rescue", their leadership training event on evangelism. May it result in much fruit across this country.


  1. So I posted a comment and think it got lost in blogger space.... here goes again....

    Is this true that you haven't been to Riga? It's one of our favorite European cities for the people & the city. Hope you get time away from the busy for some shopping, wandering & cafes in the city. Be sure to try their chocolate (huge factory in Riga). Stay away from the jellied fish "lunchmeat". Love the coffee & atmosphere & beauty of this wonderful city.

    Enjoy! Andrea

  2. Really hope to see something amazing from your trip to Latvia. Let us know what we are missing! Do you see any Ruskie tanks? Is Vlad hanging out in the coffee shops?