Saturday, March 14, 2015

Equipping the Next Generation

After a few hints of spring, we're back to cold, snowy weather for a few more days.

But inside one of the cabins up at Malenovice, around a warm, inviting fire, a group of people are hard at work.

Over the past year, Dave's brother, Steve, has been doing research, conducting interviews, and traveling extensively throughout Central and Eastern Europe working on a project to study the state of theological education in this part of the world.

Yesterday and today numerous leaders who are interested and involved in, or have expertise in theological education, are gathered at Malenovice to think, pray and talk through Steve's findings in hopes of figuring out how to best equip the next generation.

Wanting to see up and coming leaders get solid theological training that not only grounds them biblically but helps them open the way for transformation in people's lives, is an area that Dave, Steve and many others are giving a lot of attention to these days.

We're praying for a new model of that education that will allow many more to receive a rich biblical education that gives them tools and resources for making disciples and being part of God's transformational work in this part of the world.

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  1. I just read part of this to Lara, and her response was that she so wishes Tyler could see/be a part of this! Ah, how wonderful that things are moving forward! I bet Dad and Uncle Steve are loving this.