Monday, March 9, 2015

Morning Greeting

I woke up to this on my phone this morning.

That's Claire, standing on the beach in Newport, Oregon!

What's she doing there? It's spring break for Moody students so she's out in the Pacific Northwest visiting my mom and dad.

I have to admit, it feels sad for me to not be there for her, not having our home easily available for her to come to during break. That's one of the hard parts about missionary life. When your kids leave and go to the States for college, they have to figure out other things to do on breaks and holidays.

Thankfully we have amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends! They have all loved our kids well during these years they've been in the States, and opened up their homes on numerous occasions.

And as the Lord would have it, Claire not only gets to be with my parents, but had an unexpected overnight with our Patty family in Denver on her way there! See HERE for her beautiful blog post about that.

So thankful for family that she has already been with, and for the time she has ahead with my mom, dad and brother. Hoping to see lots more photos!


  1. I Love those pictures!!!!!!! and it's great Claire is with your parents now... Oh, how pretty is your Mom!!!! And lovely face of your Dad, soo lovely... and the light of the pictures, just perfect...

  2. Aw, love you Mom! And don't worry, I'm taken care of...first and foremost, by our Heavenly Father! :) But I'm glad to know I always have a place back home too! :)