Friday, March 20, 2015

New Life Ahead

Do you see what I see?

Every day for the past two weeks when I've been out walking, I've stopped in this spot to look for the first signs of spring. It's a place along the creek by our house that seems to take longer than other places to bring forth the first signs of spring.

Yet that's what makes the wait so fun. I always know it will come eventually, but never know when.

And then today, on the first official day of spring, they finally popped out! Those little yellow flowers pushed their way up through the ground and turned towards the sunshine as if to say, "It was tough but we finally made it to spring!"

Not only the yellow ones arrived today, but the white ones as well. Bonus!! Two on the same day!

My patience was rewarded.

These little hopeful signs of spring are so delightful, encouraging and hopeful. New life is ahead! I feel certain of that in my physical surroundings, as well as in many different circumstances of life.

These past weeks have been demanding, walking through a lot of difficult stuff with people I love.

But just like those little yellow and white flowers, I know that after the struggle there will be beauty. Sometimes it takes longer than we expect and you just have to wait for it. But then it comes. And the wait was worth it.

I'm praying with hope, expectation, anticipation and eagerness that soon the wait will be over for my precious friends and we'll see the first signs of spring and hope in all those tough situations.

Spring is coming and newness of life is on its way. Oh that feels so good!


  1. Haha! We were thinking the same thing today on our blogs! Guess God wanted to give us both a real first day of spring! :)

  2. Wish I were there to walk with you! Soon and very soon, my friend!!!