Thursday, March 12, 2015

In His Time

Several dear people in my life are in seasons that look a lot like this right now.

While there are little signs of life poking through the cold, heavy, wet snow, mostly it's bleak and dismal.

But I was so struck today when I stepped outside to shovel our walk and saw this.

The purple crocus!

Despite the icy conditions, that little crocus has enough power to poke its head through the ground.

How does it have the power? Built into its DNA, it knows that warmer days are coming and that it's safe to come up out of the ground, even if it encounters a snowy day or two.

It knows it won't always be winter.

I can remember some long hard winters in my own life - metaphorically and literally speaking. Long illnesses, difficult decisions, troubling problems.

But spring always came. Always! There hasn't been one winter that lasted forever.

So I can say to my friends, and to myself when I'm in similar situations, spring is coming.

The difficulties of today...the snow, ice and cold, as well as your heartache and troubles...will pass.

He makes everything beautiful in HIS time.

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  1. This is spot-on, Mom. Love these kinds of analogies. :)