Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prayers for Dave & KPM

Over the past weeks, a lot of teaching preparation has happened right here.

That's Dave's thinking/praying/writing/preparing/talking-to-people chair in his office here at home. It's a place where he spends hours and hours reading and studying the Word, praying for insight, and putting together teaching that God places on his heart. That chair is well worn!

Today in that chair he finished the last of his preparation for a big event happening in Slovakia, which he left for this afternoon.

He will be speaking for KPM, a leadership training event that our JV team in Slovakia puts on annually for over 600 Slovak youth workers.

This evening the 23rd annual conference begins, with Dave as the main speaker. He'll have six sessions over the next four days, speaking on the "Upside-Down Kingdom".

Pray with me that God will powerfully use Dave to encourage, inspire, motivate and challenge these young leaders.

Dave has spoken at this event before (HERE, HERE and HERE!) and just loves being with all those young leaders, as well as our team who serves there. He was excited as he left today!

I'll head down there on Saturday so will be sure to write an update afterward. In the meantime, please do pray for Dave as he brings the messages that God has placed on his heart for this year's KPM conference.

May God use him to bring a message of transformation in the lives of many this week-end.

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