Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Filled Up

For at least the past six years (it may be more, but let's just say six since I know I used to see it when Tyler was first in high school here) I've driven past a sign on the highway near our town.

I remember looking up that website years ago to see what it was advertising. Dirt fill? Landfill? Some other kinds of fill?

The website has never been "live" since I first looked it up, so I guess we'll never know what the original intent was. But I can tell you what it's meant to me.

For years now, I've prayed something literally every time I drive by.

"Lord, FILL me up today."

Fill me with your presence. Fill me with your love for people. Fill me with kindness. Fill me with your Spirit. Fill me with faith. Fill me when I'm weak. Fill me with your strength."

And the list goes on. Really, it's an endless list.

That sign has been an incredible reminder to me that while my own resources are lacking, His are endless.

I really can't describe how encouraging this old, ugly, rusted sign is to me because of that truth.

As I drove past it today, and for the first time snapped a photo of it with my phone (making sure no one else was driving near me as I took it!), I realized that it's one of my life secrets.

I recognize that:
  • My own resources are not enough. By myself, I'm nothing. 
  • If I am constantly being filled up with HIS resources, I can do anything He wants me to do. 
That's a profound truth that impacts my life every day.

I hope it impacts you too!

All filled up with the gift of an unexpected haircut today!


  1. I'm just heading into my counseling day and felt a nudge to read your blog. Now I see why! You are reminding me that my heart longing is to be FILLED up by the Trinity fully and completely so that I am a vessel for them to work through. Thank you for speaking into my life today from the overflow of yours. Love you!

  2. I love this post...., going to bed with extrem migrain... will pray and will use "fill me "...i love those words and I love your way of pray..... Haircut - It´s sooo diferent, looks like big change... I'm wonder how it looks in real.... Anyway I stil miss your blonde hair, like at your picture at your blog home page .... Love Ingrid

  3. How did I never know this?? I've never even thought about that sign! Ha!