Monday, March 2, 2015

Back to Normal

For the first time in two weeks, life is back to normal.

Not only have I recovered from the flu, but Dave has as well. So he was off to the office this morning. After having holed up together this past week, I felt a little sentimental seeing him go!

But for me, this return of health comes just in the nick of time. Tomorrow I begin leading a JV ladies retreat.

In the past we've always done one big ladies retreat with all the ladies from each of our JV countries. But this year, we're doing something different.

Instead of one retreat, there are eleven!

Eight retreats are country retreats, two are for special teams, and the other one is what begins tomorrow: a retreat for ladies who are the only JV lady in their country.

That takes a special kind of "pioneer woman" to do that! I'm really looking forward to blessing them with this time together as they talk and spend time with others who are in their same shoes.

Upcoming blog posts will be from the retreat!

1 comment:

  1. I will pray for you to have enough energy for next days... don't forget still vit C everyday, enough sleep and rest... Love you Ingrid