Friday, March 6, 2015

Something Beautiful

While I'm not known for my craftiness or artistic ability, I do love and appreciate the creation of artistic things.  And I really love seeing artistic expression by others.

There is something sweet that happens when you create in a group. It opens up conversation, spurs people on to creativity, and can result in some special works of personal art. That was my hope and idea for our JV ladies retreat anyway!

I merely bought some chalkboard pens and little chalkboards, and offered them to the ladies for whatever they wanted to do.

Honestly, I didn't know how this "craft" would work out. But those ladies didn't need much help or encouragement! They got right to work, looking up examples on Pinterest and thinking about verses and sayings that they wanted to remember from our time together.

It was the perfect thing to do together in the afternoon.

With music playing in the background, creative juices flowing, and happy conversation among them, it was a sweet afternoon together.

And what they produced was so beautiful!

Our time together at this retreat was what I'd hoped and prayed for, and so much more! The Lord took my small ideas and blew His breath of life into them, making it into something really beautiful.

I love it when He does that! My heart is full of thankfulness for all He did for us during our sweet days together.

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