Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prayer Prompts

It started with one short conversation many years ago with my dear sister-in-law, Joyce.

Driving with her in Denver, she shared that she always prays when she sees and hears an ambulance. At least that's what I remember; I'm curious if she remembers telling me!

It stuck in my mind after that day, resonating as one way to "pray always" so I started doing it too. I would not only pray for the person in the ambulance, but also let it remind me to pray for people I knew who were in difficult or desperate circumstances.

She had a bulletin board in her house too, with missionary prayer cards from all over the world. I adopted that from her as well, making it a focal point in our house as a prayer prompt for missionaries I know and love.

If you've been in my kitchen, you've seen this! If you're not on here, send me your prayer card!

Over the years more things became prayer prompts, easy reminders in my day to "pray always".

A pretty blue travel coffee thermos? Prayer prompt for a particular friend in the States.

Pictures on my piano? Reminders to pray every day for my precious kids.

Dave gave me this painting for Christmas just this year and it's my reminder to pray for a movement of God in our region of Czech since it's a view of Lysa Hora and our surroundings.

While there are literally thousands of churches dotted across the country, there are not a lot of believers. So whenever I see a church, I pray for the people who go to it, and for the people who live around it.

When we first moved here to Czech, and I felt so overwhelmed by how few believers were here, the Lord gave me a very precious way to pray. His instructions were, "If a child in the grocery store catches your eye, pray that they will come to know me."

I suppose I've prayed for thousands of children here in the Czech Republic over the past twenty one years. It will only be in heaven that I'll find out how many came to know Him. But it's my joy to pray for those children every time I'm in a grocery store.

Photo from Google Images

I have more prompts than this, but you get the idea. I love to pray and this keeps me praying throughout every day.

Hope it inspires you to choose some prayer prompts too!

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  1. oh same with us, we / me and Gabe / always pray when we hear ambulance!