Sunday, March 15, 2015

Melts My Heart Every Time

I'm smiling and my eyes are twinkling as I look at this young man's dear face.

This is Pavel, a teenager in our church. He gave his testimony today, sharing how he came to Christ about a year ago and how his life has changed. Then he was baptized.

How moved I was by his clear testimony of faith and the change it's made in his life!

He is just fifteen, but you would've thought he's known the Lord for more years than that. There was such a warmth and depth to his testimony. It's clear that God has truly changed his life.

With many witnesses (I especially love the kids seated on the ground to watch!), he proclaimed his faith in Christ and was then lowered into the water as a symbol of his faith and allegiance to Christ's death, burial and resurrection.

I NEVER get tired of seeing young people take this step!

Pavel joins a growing movement of God's work in young people throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It is SUPER exciting to see this kind of transformation happening in their lives.

This is why we came here!!

This is a new generation of young people who are growing up in complete freedom to hear the Gospel and respond to it. Pavel is one of many young people who have given their lives to Christ and are standing up to be counted as His followers.

That smile and winsome heart for Christ just melts me! I'm so encouraged by his faith and testimony.

This summer, just five months after he'd put his faith in Christ, he was interviewed by our communications team while at a camp at Malenovice. This short video resulted from his testimony.

Take one minute to watch. I think you'll be so encouraged to hear him speak of his faith!

Jesus Is My King from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.

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