Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Golden Anniversary

There is a golden anniversary, and then there is a GOLDEN anniversary. No, we're not celebrating our golden anniversary of fifty years together...yet!

But we are celebrating a golden anniversary of sorts. Twenty eight years of marriage on the twenty-eighth day of this March, 2015.

I stood at the altar in Speyer, Germany on my dad's arm twenty eight years ago today, waiting with delighted anticipation for what was to come.

Just minutes later, my dad gave me away to Dave and our beautiful wedding continued in the Gedächtniskirche on March 28, 1987.

A magnificent organ came to life and presided over our wedding day with rapturously beautiful music. Dave sang to me. We sang to each other, songs we'd written. Our bridal party sang over us from the balconies, and to us standing there at the altar. We sang for our parents. And Dave's dad was our pastor that day as he performed the wedding ceremony.

We made vows and promises to each other that have stayed true to this day.

Oh what a day it was, a memory sealed into my heart and mind forever!

All those precious people standing with us at the altar, our dear family and friends who came from near and far to celebrate, and a groom that I love and adore to this day.

For me, it was the wedding of my dreams.

When the church bells chimed out across Speyer at noon just as the wedding ended, it signaled the beginning of our lives together, a fantastic and amazing adventure that has thus far spanned 28 years with this very dear man!

Who knew back then what all was in store for us as we walked from the church to our reception in those first minutes as husband and wife?!

Twenty eight years later, as we celebrate this anniversary in Riga, Latvia at a youth conference with our JV staff here, I am infinitely thankful for the Lord's plan in bringing Dave and I together. What an incredible journey it's been since we said "I do" in Germany. Who would've ever imagined back then where our lives would be today? Only the Lord!

While we don't know what the future holds, I pray it is at least twenty eight more years together if not even MORE! I love this life that the Lord gave to us to share together.

And I love this man more today than ever!!!

"Happy 'golden' 28th Anniversary, Dave!"


  1. Beautiful, those pictures has so special atmosphere... I though you was married in States.... This church is sooo amazing.... and both of you too... Love Ingrid

  2. These pictures sure bring back some wonderful memories of your wedding! It is not possible that it was 28 years ago...are you off by a decade maybe? We don't seem that old, really!

    You two look just the same and not just still in love but in doing life right! You both inspire me.