Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Upside Down Kingdom in Slovakia

I'm sitting in a mall here in Zilina, Slovakia with what I think is only thirty minutes of free wifi!

On a break from KPM, the conference Dave is speaking at here this week-end, I popped over so I could meet with a friend, and then get a blog post out in case anyone's wondering how it's going!

This Slovak team is so creative! The above scene is what greets you before you enter the cultural house where the conference is taking place. They built this cool display to welcome people into God's upside-down Kingdom. So clever!

The morning program started off with a well-known of our former JV Kids, all grown up now and just about ready to move back to Slovakia with his wife and join the JV TCKompas team, Hudson Jones! What a great job he did creating the atmosphere to start off the day.

I don't think I've ever seen this done before...some absolutely beautiful, worshipful music played instrumentally just before Dave came out to speak. Another creative detail that set the tone for the morning.

Notice the upside down cups that are really lights? Another very cool detail to remind you what the conference theme is!

With 800 people there this morning, Dave had his work cut out for him as he came out to teach after the music. Here he is an American, speaking Czech to a Slovak audience; his notes are in English, he reads and teaches out of his Czech Bible, and the PowerPoint is in Slovak!

My unbiased opinion?! He did great at keeping everything straight, and communicating some powerful principles about God's Upside-down Kingdom!!

An amazing time of worship followed his teaching.

Then, after the morning program Dave was interviewed by a Slovak radio station, and had the opportunity to clearly share about his messages this week-end, as well as his testimony and the impact that the Gospel has made in his own life and in the lives of those who are here at the conference. Very cool opportunity!

I think my thirty minutes are just about up so I'll finish here! He's got another session tonight - looking forward to it!

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  1. oh, thank you for this glimpse! Love seeing what God is doing there! Praying for you all.