Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sharing Hearts and Lives

It may be snowy outside at Malenovice, but the warmth inside is so filling and nourishing.

Eight JV ladies from seven different countries are gathered inside, being encouraged in the Word and in time together as they hear from the hearts and lives of their fellow missionary sisters.

This is a unique group of JV women. Each of them are serving in their JV country alone: alone as wives, mothers and single. They are a brave, courageous group, sacrificing much for the sake of the Gospel.

While they have a deep love for the places they live in, for their friends and the relationships with young people in those countries where they're bringing the Gospel, there is still a cost to serving without a team.

For that reason it's so special to bring them together for these retreat days to form bonds of sisterhood and friendship with ladies who are living similar lives.

And all the better having the sun came and melt the snow, leaving us with a beautiful spring-like day at Malenovice!

These dear ones from Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech, sat for hours sharing from their hearts and souls, bringing richness to each other through stories, tears and laughter.

From their honesty and genuineness came relational warmth, spiritual bonds and beautiful new frienships. Oh how good to have a safe, sacred place to share and belong.

"Bless you dear ladies for your obedience and willingness to follow the Lord to the places He's called you to! It's a joy and privilege to serve alongside you."

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