Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's Mom's Day!

To round out these precious five days in Oregon, I got to celebrate my mom today on Mother's Day!!

My family has sacrificed a lot over the past 34 years since God called me to the mission field.

While they have made every effort to come see us and be part of our lives as often as possible, the reality is that we have missed a lot of birthdays and holidays together. I admire my parents so much for entrusting me to the Lord and letting me go where I was called to go, and I thank the Lord every time he lets me see them all again!

We took lots of pictures to celebrate this day, enjoying the gift of being together.

I don't know why we never think about it, but this is the first picture in years of our mom with her kids!

After church we came home to have lunch, and give mom a few more cards and gifts.

She's worthy of all those showers of affection! She's been an incredible mom to my brother and I.

It was SO pretty outside so I convinced my parents to come out and take a few more pictures. I'm glad I did as this is a keeper!

The afternoon found us running errands and doing a few projects around the house.

For my dad's birthday I brought letters and pictures from our kids, which were a treasure. We were able to find the perfect frame to put those pictures in, and I got to see it hung right there in their kitchen!

I love thinking of them "having breakfast with us" right there!

I loved this picture of my dad out in his workshop later on in the day.

I asked if I could take one of his birdhouses back to Czech with me so he's getting it ready to go, giving it another coat of paint so it's as sparkly as possible!

What an exquisite few days this has been with my parents and brother.

Birthdays, family gatherings and Mother's Day, all wrapped up into one week's visit. What a gift from the Lord, one that I'll cherish for a long time.

And one last time, I love you Mom and celebrate you today on Mother's Day!

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