Saturday, May 19, 2018

Producing A Harvest

What we tried to do for years -- have a garden at this house -- is now successfully happening because of this guy!

During Tyler and Lara's years of living in the States, Tyler began experimenting with gardening. It started years ago with pots on an apartment balcony in Chicago, and ended last year with a big garden at his in-laws home in Chattanooga, Tennessee where they were living as they raised support.

Once they moved to Czech, and knew they'd be living in an apartment in Ostrava, he had the vision to do a raised bed garden at our house.

And it not only happened, but it's already producing a harvest!

Today he and Dave nearly finished the inside of the greenhouse, making the beds (way more work than I realized they had to do!) and transplanting the tomato plants Tyler's been growing at their apartment.

We should have a tomato crop into the fall with those plants. Cue all tomato recipes, hot, cold and everything in between!

After the Royal Wedding this afternoon, Judah and I went outside for a little fun while Tyler finished up his work.

A fun little ride-on scooter from the neighbors made for some giggles and joy as he learned how to go down the driveway, no feet on the ground!

Discovering that pulling on a wet branch makes it "rain" was pretty funny too!

Tyler brought Asher out when he got up from his nap, and I was so touched by Judah's happy exclamation of "ASHER!!" as he ran towards him to give a big hug.

Aw these boys, I love them so much. All three of them!

I'm glad we have a garden here that Tyler needs to tend to! I guess they'd probably come anyway, but it's sure nice they have a reason to be here often.

Thanks for the fun today Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher!