Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Toddler Morning

What is better than a surprise Saturday morning visit by this little guy?

It wasn't actually a surprise to Dave, as he and Tyler had planned a work day in the garden; I just hadn't heard about it! Imagine when I heard little footsteps on our stairs as he headed up to find surprise!

It was only Tyler and Judah today; Lara and Asher stayed home so each parent got time with each boy.

Judah loved seeing all the tools and equipment that Papa and Daddy were using and repairing. If he could have, I think he would have gotten out everything from the tool box to examine them!

Instead he settled for introducing Curious George to the rototiller. 😂 I am so glad I didn't miss that sweet moment.

How interesting it is to watch Daddy at work!

Once the rototiller was up and running, there wasn't much he could do with his daddy, so I went in and pulled out something I'd bought in the States for such a moment when it was just he and I.

What is more fun than blowing some big bubbles and a toddler chasing after them?!!!!

This was good fun for longer than I ever would have imagined!

Of course there were other things that captured his imagination this morning, including "working" like his daddy and Papa!

Since I'd promised Claire that I'd come join her for an event in her town at 11, I asked Tyler if I could take Judah with me since he and Dave were still working in the garden. Glad he said yes!

Today one of the cafes in her town was hosting a "pop up" by a coffee roaster from Ostrava.

With no seating left outside (it was such a beautiful day that everyone wanted to be out there!), we headed inside to enjoy our coffee.

Judah enjoyed the toys that they smartly had available for little people.

This roaster, Coffee Culture, doesn't yet have a cafe of their own. But as soon as they do, I'm going there for another iced coconut latte. This was seriously one of the best coffee drinks I've ever had! I really wish I knew their secrets for making such a great latte.

While Claire and I enjoyed coffee, Judah tried out the cafe's "lemonade" - a drink made with sparkling water and raspberry syrup, with fresh raspberries floating in it.

He preferred eating the raspberries with a spoon, rather than drinking it!

What a good idea to have some toys there. This kept him happy, and awake (as nap time was quickly approaching).

I wish we had taken a video of all our efforts to keep him awake on the way back to our house ... which is just a ten minute drive! But this sweet smile at least lets me remember his giggles at us trying to keep him awake.

We did manage to make it back without him falling asleep; Tyler put him into their car and headed for home soon after. He later told me that he slept the whole way, woke up to go inside and have a little bath (from being hot and sweaty!), and then laid right back down and slept for another couple of hours.

I'd say that was a happy toddler morning at Papa and Nonnie's house!

I love these two together!!

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