Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Special Trip

I left Prague today to go on a very special trip.

It will be a 24 hour day for me as I fly through Frankfurt, San Francisco, and then on to my final destination.

Just the Frankfurt-San Fran portion of the trip is 11 hours, 35 minutes. 😳

But all has gone smoothly thus far, and the skies are clear so flying today should be uneventful.

Blessing upon blessing, I have three seats to myself on the long flight, making it possible to lay down and sleep for a bit, which I'm going to do right now!

A few hours later:

We were late landing in San Francisco, and then sat on the runway for a long time waiting for a gate to open up. What a relief to finally get off and stretch my legs for a bit before getting on my last flight of the day.

I didn't have a window seat so couldn't take any photos of the landscape where I'm headed...but this will give you a clue.

I'm "home" in Eugene to see my mom and dad!

Tomorrow my dad is celebrating his 80th birthday and I didn't want to miss that so just made it in time!

After arriving at their home, I stayed up talking with them and my brother for a while - it's so wonderful to be here!

I'm SO glad I can be here with them to celebrate this milestone birthday for my dad!

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