Friday, May 18, 2018

This Will Pass

With the view out our backdoor as lovely as this, I wanted to stay home all day to enjoy it.

But considering that I am in the midst of some of the hardest jet lag I've dealt with in a while (after a quick trip to Oregon for my dad's 80th birthday), that would not have been a smart idea.

I seriously might have fallen asleep right there, standing at the door!

Good thing I had a meeting to go to in town.

On the square of Místek

While it was overcast much of the day (that blue sky in the picture above lasted about two minutes!), there was a charm to it as well. And it reminded me of how good it is, no matter how I feel physically, to walk with the Lord through any and all sorts of days. This will pass; I've been through it too many times to know anything but that!

So for now I'm thankful for the beauty around me, and the joy of being home in the place I love.

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