Sunday, May 6, 2018

Shepherding our JVK

We are pretty crazy about our JV Kids! They are brave third culture kids, who are "family on mission" with their parents, daily living in a culture not their own, yet fully immersed in it through school, ministry and friendships. We think that's pretty awesome.

And we keep adding to our numbers!

We introduced five new babies who have been born since last spring conference, but actually there are even more as three families weren't able to be because she was born just five days ago! We'll celebrate those three, and more who are already on the way, next year!

Claire then shared about what the JVK did this week during their program.

For our older kids, they had the opportunity to learn how to study the Bible for themselves, and then how to teach from what they learned. Tyler, a JVK himself, and one of our JV staff each spent two sessions with them during the week, walking through a text with them to help them prepare a devotion.

Four of the older ones shared theirs with the younger JVK earlier this morning, and then four others shared with us.

Can you imagine being 14-16 years old and speaking for all the adults?

They did an absolutely awesome job at it! SO proud of these up and coming young leaders.

Once they finished, it was time for the show to begin!

Three women from Vancouver, Washington came again to lead our kids in a drama and musical production.

Throughout the week they learned lines, choreography and songs which they presented to us today with so much joy and enthusiasm!!

And at the end they quoted Romans 12:1-2, which they also learned, with motions, throughout the week. So beautiful to hear them storing away Truth into their hearts!

Another part of this kid's program was "set design" with this group of kids.

They worked hard all week at two large murals that framed the show. Super proud of them for using their gifts and talents in this way!

The gals who helped the kids loved on them all week, and the kids loved them in return throughout the week and after the show. So much love and joy in this photo!

For Claire, this was her first conference as the JVK Specialist on our team!

What a fantastic job she did at serving them throughout the week, keeping watch over their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I love seeing our daughter do what the Lord made her for!!

Many years ago he set her in our family, a missionary family, and prepared her heart and skills to one day step into this position of caring for the very JV Kids that she was once a part of.

She uniquely knows and understands their worlds and their needs, and it was pure joy to watch her shepherd and care for them this week.

A JVK big sister who prayed at last year's spring conference, that God would bring a baby boy into their family. HE DID!

May the Lord develop each of our JVK in this same way. To know, serve and love him with their gifts and talents, and be sharers of Jesus no matter where they are!

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