Friday, May 4, 2018

Family Day JV Style

Family Day at a JV spring conference started many, many years ago. We've had carnivals, hoedowns, and prom. We've been to circuses and a science museum, as well as the local zoo. We've ridden horses and even had a BBQ cook-off!

The point of family day is always the same: the whole JV family together, doing something fun!

This year we visited kid paradise.

A few years ago a huge kid's play area opened near one of our malls, so for family day we rented the whole place for three hours.

Part of the time kids (and adults!) played to their heart's content. And part of the time our Communication's Director, Kyle (who used to do this sort of thing on a cruise ship!) led organized games.

Kids and adults broke up into teams, chose names and made up a cheer. Then they competed for points. I think in the end everyone won!

While the school age kids were playing those games, the little ones found plenty of other things to do.

This place really had something for everyone!

And I loved watching older JVK, even if it was just a few years older, help out the little ones!

I had to laugh when I looked at this picture later on.

Good thing Asher is unaware that a dinosaur is roaring over him! 😂

With the kids content, it meant moms, dads, singles and older JVK got to hang out and enjoy time with each other.

Some of my fun hangout time was with my niece and nephew who live in Slovenia! I was celebrating their upcoming birthdays.

Next door to the kid's play area was a huge indoor go-cart track. That's where many of the adults and older JVK were for the afternoon, enjoying a little friendly competition. I never made it over there as there was so much to do, and so many to talk to in the kid's play place!

After a fun afternoon, many of us headed over to another mall for dinner, and then nearly 150 of us went to see the new Avenger's movie together. That's the first time I've ever been at a movie with so many people that I know!

JV Family Day was pretty close to perfection this year. It will be a hard one to top next year. Might have to repeat the same thing. I'm pretty sure no one would mind! 😁

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