Saturday, May 12, 2018

Uncle Larry's Party

For being here in Oregon for just five days, the Lord sure arranged a lot of family gatherings for me to enjoy!

Not only was it my dad's 80th birthday this week, but my Uncle Larry (my mom's older brother and an avid fisherman, thus the fishing theme!) is also celebrating his 80th birthday! His youngest daughter and my cousin, Sheryl, hosted an incredible party at her home this afternoon/evening to celebrate him.

As a child growing up in Coburg, Oregon, my family lived just a few blocks away from Uncle Larry, Aunt Wilma and our cousins. We had a truly idyllic childhood, riding bikes back and forth to each other's houses, going to school together, celebrating birthdays and all holidays with our families, and the bonus of being really good friends!

I wished I'd thought to get a picture with those cousins (I literally stood for nearly four hours talking to all the people who were there!), but I did get one with my cousin, Crystal, and my babysitter from years ago!

Karen is my Aunt Wilma's youngest sister, and she used to babysit all of us. I haven't seen her in YEARS!! But when she came up behind me, covered my eyes and said, "Guess who??", I recognized her voice!

What a treasured afternoon, celebrating my uncle and getting to see so many of our family and friends from the years we lived in Coburg. And because we can, we took another family picture! 😉

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