Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Investing in JVK

Tomorrow over 300 JV adults and children will gather at Malenovice, our training center here in Czech, for our annual family conference.

But some families have already arrived - they are the country leaders for the 14 countries where JV serves. The men come for two days of JV Council meetings, while the wives and kids usually hang out for those days before conference starts.

But this year, the leadership of Council asked if child care could be provided on one day so that the wives could be part of the meeting, as well as go out for dinner together with their husbands.

So a small team of JV people, me included, came up to the hotel this afternoon to care for a group of 22 kids, ages 2-17 (some of the older ones were great helpers with us!).

I didn't have my phone with me most of the afternoon and evening so didn't take many photos; but these are a few in our new kid's play area that was completed this year. It is THE COOLEST!

I spent a lot of hours on these stairs with that cute little 2 year old who LOVES the stairs, and is really good at climbing them!

What a special time getting to connect with this group of JV Kids. Beginning tomorrow we'll have 106 kids here at conference in the JVK program!

I have GREAT admiration for the team of people, including our daughter Claire, who will be spending the week investing in them! 

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  1. Wow. Where is this? In the basement? It's so cool.