Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Birthday Celebration for Dad

On this beautiful Oregon morning, somebody is celebrating a significant birthday!

My dad and I enjoyed a cup of coffee early this morning (thank you jet lag!) to celebrate his 80th birthday today!!

And then shared a piece of caramel apple pie that a friend baked for him! What better way could there to be to start off a birthday celebration? 😉

I brought birthday cards, letters and pictures from our kids, his grandchildren, to start off the wishes for a happy birthday.

He said they made him cry...those were some very sweet words to their Bapa!

We headed out for lunch to a local restaurant nearby, to meet up with my mom's brothers, their wives and some of their kids, my cousins!

Sheryl, Shelli, Crystal and I haven't been all together in probably 20 years! It was SOOO sweet to share a meal with them, along with my brother, Mike!

We all grew up in Eugene, Oregon together and used to have every holiday with each other, our grandparents, and all the aunts and uncles. Those were fun days!

But of course then we all started getting married, having our families, and doing life in different parts of the States and the world (that would be me!), so don't see each other often. But I'll tell you, when we do, it's like nothing has ever changed. I love those cousins!

My mom and her two brothers grew up in Eugene, and all of them still live here!

Everyone came to celebrate my dad's birthday today which was super special!

Coming to Eugene is always so reminiscent for me since I also grew up here.

Though I moved away when I was 12, I came back here to the University of Oregon for my freshman year of college, living right across the street from the famous Hayward Field, where "Tracktown USA" and Nike came out of, thanks to Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight!

It's not a trip to Eugene unless I visit all my memories!

We also drove up to Hendrick's Park which is absolutely spectacular with its blooming rhododendrons right now. I'll spare you from the dozens of pictures I took and only post one of the hugest bushes!

Back to my dad's birthday celebration...we headed home to an amazing dinner my mom had cooking all day.

After presents and more cards, we headed out to the front of their house for a few birthday photos.

I love my mom and dad so much!

After taking that photo, my brother was just about to do a family selfie when a neighbor saw us from her kitchen window and stepped outside to ask if we'd want her to come over and help us out.

We said yes!

The evening brought more birthday wishes for my dad.

Great-grandson, Charlie, called from Colorado to wish his great-Bapa a happy birthday! 😉

Oh, and his mommy and daddy gave greetings too!

With wishes coming in from so many people and places, it felt like a near perfect day of celebrating my dad, ending with a beautiful Oregon sunset just off the end of their driveway.

But there was still one more to go! At 9 PM their pastor unexpectedly dropped by to give his wishes.

My dad is so deserving of all the love that was shown to him today!

He is the most selfless, humble, loving man, who cares so deeply for his family and those around him. I am very thankful for the impact he's had on my life, and proud to be known as his daughter!

I love you so much Dad! It was a joy to celebrate you today, along with many others, and wish you a very happy 80th birthday! 

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  1. Yes! I agree that your dad is really amazing. It’s so fun to hear how he was celebrated. What a privilege and joy for you to be there at this time.