Thursday, May 3, 2018

In the Middle

We are in the middle of JV spring family conference here at Malenovice, and among many other things going on today, it was picture day.

I don't have the photo yet of the whole group, but take a look at all those kids!!

While the adults are studying the book of Romans with Dave, these 106 JV Kids are having an awesome time together as the older ones prepare a musical, and the little ones are being well cared for by our beloved Scottsdale Bible team who come every year to serve us in this way.

Our days are full, in the very best way, as we study God's word, worship the Lord, pray together, encourage one another and just have fun!

And as a side note...this is the hottest I can ever remember it being for a spring conference! It was 85 degrees (30C), complete with a lightening and thunderstorm this evening. We are loving the warm weather!

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