Wednesday, May 2, 2018

JV Spring Family Conference

JV Spring Conference at Malenovice is a special event in the life of our JV family that's been happening for twenty five years.

Designed for our second and third culture missionaries (second culture: serving outside of your country of origin; third culture: the children of second culture), it's a once a year event that brings together these people, along with our national country leaders and their families.

It's like the best kind of family reunion!

Karis, Theresa and I all come from the same sending church in Warrenville, IL!

This year the family aspect is especially poignant as I see our daughter serving in her new position of caring for and shepherding the JV Kids.

And share conference with 200 adults, including our son, Tyler and daughter-in-law, Lara!

And a nice photo bomb from our friend, Mel!

Some of our JV family will serve us in worship this week, while our communications team has already been serving us by building a beautiful stage with graphics to remind us of our theme, as well as serving behind the scenes with all the technical aspects of putting on a conference like this.

And finally, Dave will shepherd us this week by opening the book of Romans and unfolding a theology of mission.

He got started tonight and it was SO good! He's been studying the book of Romans for six months in preparation for this conference.

I can't wait to hear the rest of what he's learned, and process it together with our JV family!

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